ASUS 1001PX-EU17-BK Review

ASUS Eee PC *1001PX-EU17-BK* netbook has it all for half the price of a bulky laptopReady to fly by the seat of your pants but want to take technology with you? What you need is a netbook, they are lightweight and have all the guts and glory of a big bulky laptop. The ASUS 1001PX-EU17-BK netbook is one of the most popular out there right now for under three bones ($300).

Because of their small size they can do less powerful tasks such as using heavy software like Photoshop or editing HD video, but it surfs the web just fine and has a webcam.

Runs on Windows 7 so you can do all those things related to Windows applications like Excel, Word, etc.A smaller size means less power, so take that into consideration. No huge hard drives or memory, just the basics like 1 GB of memory and a 160 GB hard drive. This ASUS 1001PX-EU17-BK has up to 4 hours of battery life, but more realistically it’s around 3 and a half hours.

The screen is only 10.1 inches, pretty small and takes getting used to. Just use the “Ctrl” and “+” keys on the keyboard to increase the font size.

And the webcam, well if you are expecting high definition then keep dreaming, the ASUS 1001PX-EU17-BK has a webcam of 0.3mp. Not bad, but not great either. Great for early mornings or late nights where you look like crap.This cool little netbook does its job without getting in the way. Wifi and webcam plus Windows 7 for under $300, not bad at all.>>> Click Here to see learn more information and find the BEST PRICE on the ASUS 1001PX-EU17-BK