Samsung UN65C8000XF 3D LED TV

Buy The Mother Of All 3D TV’s This Season With Samsung’s 65 inch LED HDTV With 3D Ready And Samsung Apps!

Are you ready? Behold the hottest 3D LED TV in the land, the Samsung UN65C8000XF HDTV with the entire kitchen sink of today’s hottest options like Samsung Apps, 3D Ready, 240hz, and 65 inches of super sleek looks it nearly disappears when you look at it from the side.

Did you know this TV can even turn your 2D movies and TV shows to 3D? Well, yes it can! And with the Samsung Apps you can go on Skype and chat it up with whomever you like on a HUGE 65 inch screen! Browse the web for all sorts of Apps for your new 3D TV via Samsung Smart
TV technology.

The LED back-lighting of the *UN65C8000XF* delivers the richest of colors

, deepest of blacks, and the most vivid of colors. Insert a Pink Floyd DVD in the 3D Blu-ray player and enjoy the psychedelic show! And with 4 HDMI ports you can hook up all your stuff to enjoy without unplugging and then replugging – what a pain.
Movies and Television has never looked so awesome, as a matter of fact it may look to good to the point of ruining the roughness of things, know what I mean? However with this beauty you can turn down the hertz to slow things down for that true dramatic cinema effect then crank it back up for football!

Now imagine playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II on this monster of a TV?!  Just hook up your Xbox 360 and let the Force be with you…  Or just about any game including vintage Donkey Kong or your favorite video game of choice.  Even if the game stinks, it will look good on this top of the line HDTV from Samsung.

So whatever you got now, be prepared to stick it in your bedroom and make room for this Samsung UN65C8000XF monstrosity. Buy now… bet this gift won’t fit under the tree.

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(The biggest and baddest 3D LED TV of them all!)